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Sixonia delivers high-volume, superior, easy-to-use, low-cost
e-Graphene solutions to improve your batteries, coatings, and composites.

Refined in over 150 customer projects

There are graphenes.
And e-Graphenes.

Innovation and product people, it's not your fault. If you cannot find high-volume graphene adding superior characteristics to your products, you are not alone. Traditional graphenes do not deliver on the supermaterial's infinite potential. It's time for a reset: Welcome to the world of e-Graphenes!

Competitive Advantages Graphenes

Welcome to the
new world
of e-Graphenes.

e-Graphenes result from a patented electrochemical exfoliation process that produces large-flake, few-layer bulk-graphenes. Sixonia spent years and more than 150 customer projects to refine their novel approach to enable mass production for industrial use cases. For the first time, superior, easy-to-use, scalable graphenes are available.

Compared to other “graphene” products, e-Graphenes show a superior combination of tailorable properties within a single material, such as large (µm) flake-size, low thickness in the range of 1-10 layers and good processability.

  • Thickness: < 3nm

  • Lateral size: typically 0.5-10 µm (avg.: 1-2 µm, tunable)

  • Film-conductivity up to 100.000 S/m (bulk) without any post-treatment

For example, e-Graphenes can be functionalized to be dispersible in water (> 2mg/ml, stable for months) without the need for surfactants, while still maintaining an intrinsic conductivity that is significantly higher than that of commonly used reduced graphene oxide (rGO) materials.

Sixonia e-Graphenes can be functionalized, formulated to meet your processing requirements, and tailored for perfect interaction with your desired matrix system. 
Whether you are looking for a simple dispersion without surfactants, a formulated ink, a paste, a film, a polymer composite, or something completely different, we are confident that we can develop the proper material to meet your expectations.

  • G-DISP-H2O-CSO is the world's only functionalized e-Graphene (CSO) dispersion in water at up to 5mg/ml concentration without surfactants or other additives.

  • Dispersions in other solvents - customized e-Graphene dispersions in solvents like DMF, NMP, alcohols, and others - tailored for your process and application requirements.

  • Inks, pastes, films, and more - customized functionalizations, formulations, and materials, including free-standing films, fibers, pastes, resins, and ready-to-use inks.

Sixonia e-Graphenes can be functionalized and thus customized to your applications needs. By varying the electrolyte composition and other process parameters, the degree of oxidation and the presence of different functional groups can be selectively controlled and the material can thus be tailored for different applications.
Choosing the right type of graphene for each application is crucial to unleash its potential. At Sixonia, we will identify the most suitable e-Graphene for your specific application and also develop the right material form and properties for perfect integration into your application.

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e-Graphene (CSO) dispersion in water?

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How we work together:

How we work together

With Sixonia e-Graphenes you can supercharge your products - with complete commercial requirements met. If you are interested, get in touch and test our demo kit.

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"e-Graphenes have been validated and qualified as the best available material on the market considering cost and quality."

CEO, Textile Company

“Sixonia has been the first external supplier among seven tested to actually deliver Graphene that deserves the name. e-Graphenes are suitable for our processes, and performance indicators look great.“

CEO, Battery Company

Mass-Produce your
own e-Graphene.

For the very first time, a supermaterial can be produced onsite at customer facilities with fully autonomous production units, delivering custom e-Graphene formulations on demand. Sixonia plans to offer various production capacities between 1 and 100 t annually. With onsite production, customers can reduce their supply chain risks, have complete control over their production, and eliminate logistics costs.


See machine status
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run 24/7

Can stay everywhere:
waterproof and with
own climate control

Ensures material
supply up to
100t/ year

Supercharge your products with Sixonia

e-Graphenes add strength and unprecedented electrical and thermal conductivity to your products. They can revolutionize areas such as batteries, composites and coatings.


Construction accounts for 30% of GHG emissions: Imagine concrete that reaches the same stability with 50% less emissions.


Corrosion costs more than 3% of global GDP per year. Imagine protective coatings that last twice as long as state-of-the-art.


Range and charging times are limiting EV-adoption: Imagine charging a EV battery 10 times faster than possible today.

Accelerate the industrial transition

to net-zero.

Materials like stone, iron, steel, coal, aluminum, plastics, and silicon shaped the ages of humankind. But they also account for 35% of global emissions. It's time for the next material age to accelerate the transition to net zero. It's time for Supermaterials like Graphene to shape the next generation of products and innovations.

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